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Famu grad and CEO of Hartley Capital is dedicated to teaching millennials about real estate

Your 20’s are often spent finding yourself, making interesting decisions, and messing up here and there. Unlike most, Kerry Hartley has spent his 20’s securing the bag (“his future”). From starting his own fashion brand to opening his own real estate investment firm, Hartley is on a mission to be successful and helps others while doing so. 

He is determined to teach millennials how to be successful and seeks to make an impact in the world through real estate. Hartley, based out of Atlanta, Ga is the Ceo of Hartley Capital Inc. and works with investors to target niche real estate asset classes. Investments in properties are sought only if compelling opportunities arise that present appealing opportunities for above-market returns, that have quality upside and desirable locations which can attract quality tenants. He holds a bachelor’s degree in Environmental Studies and policy with a minor in Public Relations from Florida A&M University.

Hartley knows the value-add multifamily strategy and how to effectively pool together resources to acquired properties below market value. He has served as a Senior Acquisitions Analyst for Bolden Capital Group LLC. He has Sourced off-market and on-market multifamily and single-family properties in the southeast regions. Also, he has participated in the underwriting and due diligence of multifamily acquisitions by performing the financial analysis, testing assumptions, and confirming the pro-forma (Offer memorandum's, trailing-12s, rent rolls, debt service coverage ratio, value add opportunities, purchase price, last sold price, projected hold returns, Cash on Cash returns, Internal rate of returns). 

In a short amount of time, Hartley has served as a liaison between 3rd parties and principals for the Bolden Capital Group LLC. portfolio with $10 Million + assets under management. He is a member of the Empire Board of Realist Toastmaster’s Club in the great Atlanta area.

He looks forward to celebrating the launch of Hartley Capital and closing on a few major projects in 2020. Keep up with Kerry and Hartley Capital to never miss an update.


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