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The Lipstickroyalty Agency Debuts New Instagram Series “Behind the Brand”

Shawn Nelson, Director of Public Relations and co-founder of Lipstickroyalty sat down with Ayla Madison and Tia of Bllak Label for the first episode of “Behind the Brand.”

The Instagram series features entrepreneurs and business owners, providing them with a platform to share their stories and expertise when it comes to navigating a successful business. One of the goals for Behind the Brand is to create opportunities for current and future entrepreneurs and business owners to connect with others who understand what goes into launching and maintaining a successful business.

“I think what has kept our brand successful is being true to who we are, and by connecting with other brands that believe in the same things that we believe in," said Shawn Nelson, Director of Public Relations and Co-founder of The Lipstickroyalty Agency.

When chatting with Tia, the Founder of Bllak Label, viewers learned the mission behind the popular Instagram page. After seeing Black people portrayed in a negative light on social media, she decided to create a profile to show a more positive side of our culture. Today, the Instagram profile is focused on empowering the Black and Brown community, highlighting local brands and other minority businesses, and showcasing the accomplishments of those individuals. When asked about what tips and strategies she uses to keep Bllak Label successful, Tia replied “It takes a lot of patience. It takes a team. All of us together are able to keep this thing together.”

“The feedback that we get from the businesses and from the people that are succeeding makes us want to continue going, " Tia, Founder of Bllak Label.

Philanthropist and USMC Veteran Ayla Madison joined the chat later to discuss her experiences working in her community and being a “mompreneur.” The biggest lesson she wanted viewers to take away was “that it takes a village and sacrifices” in order to juggle being a mother and successful business owner. Ayla also commented on what other entrepreneurs had to offer that inspired her to invest in their endeavors, stating that she shared a similar passion and wanted to see them reach their goals. To give future entrepreneurs tuned in a sense of what it takes to grow a lucrative brand, she didn’t hesitate to share the many struggles she faced while working towards her passion. “I’m a go-getter, you have to be hungry for it. You gotta want it more than you want to breathe."

The first episode of Behind the Brand is now available for viewing via Lipstickroyalty’s IGTV channel. The series will continue to feature successful minority entrepreneurs and business owners eager to share their tools and strategies for those willing to break into the entrepreneurial industry.

Written by: Al’Laiya Proff


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