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Business Branding 101 with Shawn Nelson

Everything You Need To Know About Improving Your Brand!

The LipstickRoyalty Agency has kicked off their Business Branding Webinar series. The Business Branding Webinar series is a free virtual class where CEO and publicist, Shawn Nelson, provides tools and strategies for success. "The pandemic has impacted our economy and lives tremendously. Here at Lipstickroyalty, we wanted to help entrepreneurs, business owners, and potential business owners manage the new norm. My hope with this class is to motivate attendees and inspire them not to lose hope. This is the perfect time to gain an understanding of branding so why not share what I know," said Nelson. A few features and benefits of the webinar include: defining your brand, scaling your business like a professional, and free resources that are emailed after the class. The next webinar is set to take place on April 09, 2020, at 7 p.m. est.

The LipstickRoyalty Agency was founded after Nelson and Co-founder Regina Smiley realized the Public Relations industry lacked minority women.

Lipstickroyalty offers integrated public relations services and brand management to female and minority entrepreneurs and small business owners throughout the United States. They provide clients with strategic counsel across the wide range of public relations, advertisement, crisis management, event coordination, and visual services. Lipstickroyalty combines traditional public relations tactics with social media public relations tactics to skillfully respond in real-time to critics, crises, recalls, conflicts, accidents, and other emergencies. Combining both methods helps their company reach both traditional and new age ends of the market spectrum. The Lipstickroyalty Agency focuses on placing clients into positions to succeed. For more information on the online class, visit

Sandra Georges


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