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Fly Stoner Motive: Why Black Lives Matter & How We Could Do More

As civil unrest grows in the wake of George Floyd’s murder and the countless other cases of Black people being victimized by police brutality, artists and influencers are taking to social media to express their frustrations and speak up to condemn systemic racism and violence. For the first time in history, citizens in all 50 states have participated in protests against police brutality, and have been petitioning for change within law enforcement and the government. As a Black man in the music industry, Miami native Fly Stoner Motive shares the same sentiments as many others trying to voice their opinion about the injustices happening everyday to Black people everywhere.

“It’s ridiculous that we are still dealing with these types of issues in 2020. We shouldn’t have to be in the streets protesting to show police and everyone else that we’re human, that Black lives matter, and that we deserve to be treated equally,” said Motive. “This country has shown us for centuries that we are not people to them.” As an artist, Motive recognizes his platform and wants to use it to continue spreading his message. He has been vocal about divesting funds from corporations who exploit the Black dollar, and instead wants to continue supporting Black businesses. Motive is also interested in learning more about organizations dedicated to providing real solutions to help the current movement.

“Music is a release for me, and I want to find new ways to channel what’s going on in the country right now into my music. People need to be aware.”

Artists like Fly Stoner Motive are becoming more vocal about issues affecting Black communities everywhere, and hopefully their voices are amplified by others in the fight to affect real change.


By. Al’Laiya Proff


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