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Business on the Bay: A Networking Event Like No Other at Moda North Bay Village

On Sunday, April 14th, 2024, professionals from various industries gathered at the beautiful Moda North Bay Village for a remarkable networking event dubbed Business on the Bay hosted by the Lipstickroyalty Agency.

This event offered attendees an unparalleled opportunity to connect and network in a dynamic and scenic setting.

The afternoon was filled with engaging activities, starting with a warm welcome from the organizers who set the tone for what would become an enriching experience.

The air buzzed with the sounds of Dj Chris, who provided a musical backdrop that kept the atmosphere lively and inviting. Attendees had the pleasure of indulging in exquisite cocktails, masterfully crafted by the renowned mixologist Gorilla Kie, adding a touch of sophistication to the networking experience.

One of the highlights of Business on the Bay was the diverse array of vendors present, offering services ranging from bridal expertise by About Love Bridal to luxurious skin treatments by Caviar Skin Aesthetics. Soline founder of Sososweets brought a deliciously sweet touch to the event with her delectable treats on display.

The event was graced by the presence of notable invited guests, including Shelene Kelly, known for her dual roles as an educator and realtor; Dantrail Felton, the founder of Apex Strategies Consulting and President of Blacks in Technology Miami Chapter, Lindsay Enita, an author and founder of The Seen Community, Althea and Soline of Sososweets.

Their participation added a layer of depth to the discussions, allowing for an exchange of ideas and insights that went beyond typical networking conversations.

Business on the Bay succeeded in its goal to create a vibrant atmosphere where professionals could forge meaningful connections, exchange ideas, and walk away with valuable insights. The event proved to be more than just a networking opportunity; it was a celebration of community, innovation, and professional growth.

As attendees departed, the consensus was clear: Business on the Bay was not just an event to be remembered but a stepping stone for future collaborations and achievements within the professional community.


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