The Lipstickroyalty Agency offers integrated public relations services and brand management to female and minority entrepreneurs and small business owners throughout the United States. We provide our clients with strategic counsel across the wide range of public relations, advertisement, crisis management, event coordination and visual services. 


We combine traditional public relations tactics (researching, then writing and pitching stories to the media to get stories about our clients online, in print or on TV) with social media public relations tactics to skillfully respond in real time to critics, crises, recalls, conflicts, accidents and other emergencies. 


Combining both methods helps our company to reach both traditional and new age ends of the market spectrum. Our company can analyze any business, individual, or organization, find the companies message and translate that message into positive media. 




The Lipstickroyalty Agency focuses on placing clients into positions to succeed.  We create detailed campaigns with each client based on the needs of their businesses. We focus on using our services and connections to empower and uplift the growing female minority community of entrepreneurs and business owners. 

Our agency has attracted a large network with strong relationships and we are able to leverage those relationships to get our clients appearances on various media outlets, build lasting relation ships for our clients in critical markets and build on or attain new skill sets. We then manage those relationships and help to reach target audiences and effective channels. We customize all campaigns based on the needs of the client.