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Teenear sits down with CBS 4 Miami

Life for musicians and artists hasn’t been the same since the pandemic. Miami, Fl R&B singer Teenear sat down with Lisa Petrillo on CBS 4 Miami to share her experiences with dealing with the life as an artist in today’s new reality.

Teenear, like many others had to come up with new strategies and ways to market her music. Her single “Come See Me,” was released right before the pandemic hit. She and her team had no choice but to adjust her entire rolloutout. She went from preparing for live shows to curating her own at home live experiences reaching over a million views and streams across the globe.

“I can’t wait to perform again, there’s nothing like feeling people’s energy in person,” said Teenear.

After winning the likes of some of todays greatest artists like Lil Baby, Trina, and Sage the Gemini to name a few, Teenear looks forward to releasing new music. This year fans and supporters can expect new content, merch, and performances.

Check out her interview below:


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