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Sincerely Shawn

Paving her way to success, FAMU graduate Shawn Nelson, uses her networking skills and impeccable work ethic, to build her platform as highly reputable business woman. As the co-owner and director of Public Relations for The LipstickRoyalty Agency, a public relations firm that provides services to small businesses, she helps brand small businesses at an affordable rate or for no cost at all.

Her clients range in age and are all minority owned small businesses. Nelson is a self-taught website designer and is skilled in website management, graphic design, photography, video-editing, social media-marketing, SEO management, and journalistic writing. She is a highly skilled, personable, innovative communications professional with over four years of experience in public relations consultancy and digital media.

Through her public relations work, Nelson aspires to change the perception of how women are portrayed and treated in the world of business and media. Nelson’s role model Oprah, has inspired her to be an influential mogul and business woman.

Nelson attended FAMU where she obtained a degree in Communications. Her passions include designing graphics, editing photos on Photoshop, reading, and writing. In the next year Nelson plans on opening a business office in Miami for The LipstickRoyalty Agency. After opening that location, she aspires to open a series of franchises.

As a child, Nelson had many goals that were all centered around helping others. She always knew she wanted to be successful and its evident in her work ethic.

“I just want to change the perception of women in general. I want encourage women and ensure them that we don’t have to be defined by our gender and that we don’t have to accept being objectified. We can all be business owners and entrepreneurs if we want to. This is the rise of the BOSS woman,” said Shawn Nelson.

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