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Shawn Nelson kicks off Black Business Month with new Book "Things I Wish I Knew"

Shawn Nelson, CEO of Lipstickroyalty Agency Inc. and entrepreneur is no stranger to hard work.

She's worked her way up the ladder and has made a name for herself as an author, speaker, and business owner.

Now she's kicking off Black Business Month with her new eBook "Things I Wish I Knew".

The book provides readers with real-life advice from Shawn on topics such as how to stay motivated and create a successful business. It also addresses the importance of understanding your worth, how to fund your business, understanding your support system versus your target audience, how to overcome any obstacles that may come your way, and more.

Things I Wish I Knew is an intimate look into the life of being a millennial business owner.

To access and read "Things I Wish I Knew," supporters can purchase online.


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