We combine Traditional Public Relations tactics (researching, then writing and pitching stories to the media to get stories about our clients online, in print or on TV) with Social Media Public Relations Tactics to skillfully respond in real-time to critics, crises, recalls, conflicts, accidents, and other emergencies. This also helps the agency to promote the client and establish connections. Combining both methods helps our company to reach both traditional and new age ends of the market spectrum.

Visual Media 



Digital Media 

We can capture anything and bring it to life with our professional photography and videography services. 

Crisis Management

We help with brand reputation, crisis and risk  management.

Media Relations





We help establish mutually beneficial relationships between the media and your brand. 



Strategic Planning

Event Management

Event Hosting

We offer event coordination and event management.


Social Media Marketing 

Inbound Marketing 

Outbound Marketing 

We build custom marketing campaigns to achieve your goal. 

Advertsiemnt &


We understand storytelling. We develop advertising campaigns to help with increasing exposure.


Branding & Re-branding


We development branding campaigns that include branding or re-branding. We develop corporate brand identity with logo development and cohesive content creation.



Graphic Design

Edit & Copy

We can design and re-design any content. We edit copy and create copy for press and publications.

“Without publicity there is no prosperity.”

– Yakov Zel’dovich

Publicity and Media Services 


Press Release

If you are looking to grow as a business or brand great publicity is key. Our press release services are perfect for anyone who has a story that needs media attention. Through research and our relationship with the media we write and distribute your press releases to journalists that want to share your story. 


Examples of publicity outlets: 


  • Sheen Magazine 

  • Buzzfeed 

  • Forbes 

  • GQ

  • Entrepreneur Web 

  • Hip Hop Weekly 

  • The Source

  • Huffington Post


  • AllHipHop

  • ThisIs50

  • KAZI Magazine

  • Hype Magazine 

  • HipHopSince1987

  • etc.



Media Relations

This service is perfect for clients who have a project they would like to obtain guaranteed media coverage.

Starting at ​$1,000

Social Media Profile Verification Campaign 

The primary objective of this service is to establish the client's brand credibility through great publicity and an innovative integrated marketing campaign. We will design the perfect campaign that will showcase the validity of your brand while working with our social media partners to secure your verification. We will also create an innovative marketing campaign to showcase your products and services. 


Timeframe: 1 Month - 3Months 

Starting at $11,500+ 

Integrated PR & Marketing Campaign 3 Months-12 Months

This service is perfect for anyone looking to gain positive media exposure, generate direct leads, someone dealing with a crisis, or establish a great reputation with the public. 

Ready to hire a PR specialist for a campaign or to manage your brand?


Social Media Services

Need help with your social media presence or branding? Our team is ready to help. We focus on organic growth, top of the line branding, and innovative marketing strategies.

Event Management

The Lipstickroyalty Agency provides a hands-on approach for curating Event Management Campaigns to ensure they are a success. We are a one-stop, in-house agency that provides solutions for event management and coordination. 


We curate innovate, unforgettable events for commercial, social and non-profit organizations. Each event is like no other and receives a tailored event Management campaign to achieve the overall goal.

Our specializations include – developing a strategic event campaign, allocating the venue, staffing the event, gaining the proper press, and of course solidifying sponsors, special guests, and possible partners. Our goal is not only to generate business leads but also increase exposure and great publicity. 

The Lipstickroyalty Agency handles all event PR technicalities across the world. We are not limited geographically. 

Our PR event management experience includes: 


Brand and Product Launch 

[ex. New product launch, artist album release, etc.] 


Corporate Events

[ex. Non-Profit events, Company Christmas party, law enforcement academy celebration, etc.]


Conferences and Seminars 

[ex. Women’s empowerment brunch, business seminars, etc.]


Lifestyle Events

[ex. New product launch, artist album release, pop-up shops, etc.]

Hire our team to bring your vision to life!


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