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Fly Stoner Motive Brings the Heat at Legendary Miami Boyz Pool Party

By. Al'Laiya Proff

Miami, Fl - Saturday, July 13th, the curators of the annual Miami Boyz Weekend brought together a record-breaking number of attendees as they held the Miami Boyz Pool Party in their hometown of Miami for the very first time. Partygoers from across the United States made their way down to the waterfront estate to see if the Miami Boyz lived up to their

hype—and they did.

Notable guests in attendance included 99 Jamz’s Dj Nasty 305, Miami-native rappers Brianna Perry, Tierra Traniece, and Fly Stoner Motive. Motive, who just released his latest album “You Wasn’t There,” made sure to leave his mark on attendees of the pool party. In addition to him supplying shots of Don Julio to those eager to “drive the boat,” he had an even bigger influence with his own personalized bottles of “Fly Stoner Water,” complete with unique QR codes that directed drinkers to his personal website. Attendees were able to scan the codes on their water bottles and were introduced to the "Fly Stoner Motive" brand.

“I think it was important for me and my team to use the party as a way to get my brand and name out there, all these people, its organic promotion and you can’t get that type of access to people like that anywhere,” said Motive.

He also made waves as one of the best-dressed in attendance at the epic pool party, donning Givenchy, Gucci, and Fendi pieces, just to name a few.

“It’s not about the label but how you put it together. I think I have a pretty unique style, and I wanted to show that, even if this it's at a pool party,” stated Motive as he floated in style in the middle of the pool.

Accompanied by his big brother Ransom, he also showed up dressed to impress. The duo is a part of the collective ArtKlüb, a group of creatives in Miami doing things their way, including throwing one of the most-anticipated weekend of events each year in Tallahassee, FL. If you missed out, you can catch Fly Stoner Motive, as well as, the Miami Boyz next April for the 12th Annual Miami Boyz Weekend.

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Photos captured by - Lipstickroyaltyimages


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