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Celebrate Love and Friendship with Vie De Rêve’s Sparkling Wines – Now Available Online!

Vie De Rêve’s Sparkling Wines Available online (Lipstickroyalty Images)
Cheers!Vie De Rêve’s Sparkling Wines are Available online (Lipstickroyalty Images)

Vie De Rêve, the family-owned brand that marries the vibrant spirit of Haitian culture with the art of winemaking, is excited to announce the availability of its sparkling wines online just in time for Galentine's and Valentine's Day. Customers across the nation can now easily buy a bottle of Vie De Rêve's exquisite sparkling wines to toast to love, friendship, and the joys of life.

Vie De Rêve, which translates to 'Life of Dreams,' brings its dream to life by offering sparkling wines that encapsulate the essence of celebration. As a Haitian-American brand, Vie De Rêve takes pride in its heritage and aims to introduce a piece of its rich cultural tapestry to wine lovers everywhere.

The Perfect Toast to Love and Companionship

Whether it's raising a glass to the enduring bonds of friendship on Galentine's Day or to romantic love on Valentine’s Day, Vie De Rêve’s sparkling wines promise to make any occasion unforgettable.

A Testament to Heritage and Mastery

Vie De Rêve’s commitment to quality and heritage is evident in every bottle, making its online availability a celebration in itself. Crafted through meticulous winemaking processes in Italy and boasting a range of flavors appealing to every palate, Vie De Rêve continues to honor the tradition and excellence of family-owned winemaking.

"At Vie De Rêve, we're not just selling wine; we are sharing a legacy. We are thrilled to expand our reach and invite wine enthusiasts to be a part of our family’s dream," CEO, and Founder Karlex Antoine

Purchase Your Celebration in a Bottle Today

Don't miss the opportunity to indulge in the effervescence of Vie De Rêve sparkling wine. Visit to explore their selection and make your purchase. Make Vie De Rêve part of your Galentine's Day gathering or your Valentine's Day romance and let the bubbles carry you to a 'Life of Dreams.'

Cheers!Vie De Rêve’s Sparkling Wines are Available online (Lipstickroyalty Images)
Cheers!Vie De Rêve’s Sparkling Wines are Available online (Lipstickroyalty Images)


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