Bodytek Pembroke Pines Hosts Breast Cancer Awareness Event for Charity

PEMBROKE PINES, FLA., 24 OCTOBER 2020 - Sister owners of Bodytek Pembroke Pines La-Toya and Cecelia will be hosting a breast cancer awareness event at their gym this Saturday to raise funds for families affected by breast cancer.

“We have personally been impacted by breast cancer,” said La-Toya. “We are fortunate that our loved one survive but many women and men are not as fortunate. These events are for them.”

The already sold-out event will be similar to Bodytek’s Step Aerobics Class with instructor Tamker Valley. Valley is a well-known fitness instructor that specializes in total body high-intensity workouts, cycling, and strength training.

“The class will bring the same high energy, fun vibe with great music to keep you motivated as you challenge yourself,” said La-Toya.

COVID-19 is still very much present, but Bodytek will continue to take the necessary safety precautions to make sure everyone stays healthy.

“Temperature checks, hand sanitizing and ultraviolet disinfecting are standard upon entry,” said La-Toya.