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"Sante" A Celebration of Wine and Black Excellence with Vie De Rêve Sparkling Wine

Santé by Vie De Rêve Sparkling Wine
Santé by Vie De Rêve Sparkling Wine

On Sunday, February 18th, Moda North Bay Village exuded an air of excitement and sophistication as Vie De Rêve presented their exclusive wine-tasting event "Santé." The occasion showcased master mixologist Kie, who demonstrated her artistry in crafting bespoke cocktails using VDR's BIANCO and ROSÉ. Accompanied by the musical stylings of South Florida's DJ Chris, the event was graciously hosted by PR maven and strategist Shawn Nelson.

The guest roster for "Santé" encompassed influencers, artists, media experts, Moda residents, and wine aficionados, uniting individuals with a shared appreciation for VDR's sparkling wine and a collective admiration for excellence within the community.

Beyond the libations, "Santé" served as an educational journey into the rich heritage of Vie De Rêve. Attendees were guided through distinguishing various wine glassware, instructed in creating specialty cocktails with VDR's wines and introduced to the Haitian-American family at the core of VDR.

A standout feature of the gathering was the artistry of local talent Danielle Hudson, whose vibrant creations added an enriching layer of color and elegance to the ambiance.

Vie De Rêve, translating to "Dream Life" in French, aptly captures the essence of this sparkling wine label. Crafted in Northern Italy with premium grapes and traditional methods, VDR offers a truly unique sparkling wine. Beyond the pursuit of crafting exquisite bubbly, the brand aspires to inspire others to pursue their dream life and commemorate life's everyday triumphs.

Santé by Vie De Rêve Sparkling Wine
Santé by Vie De Rêve Sparkling Wine

Indulging in Vie De Rêve Sparkling Wine is a peerless experience. Its refreshing flavor profile and velvety finish render it ideal for any occasion, be it a momentous celebration or a tranquil day. VDR's BIANCO and ROSÉ can elevate your experience and render it unforgettable.

As the event concluded, attendees departed not only with a newfound reverence for Vie De Rêve sparkling wines but also with fresh connections and cherished memories. The event embodied a sense of community and a celebration of excellence.

Yet, the revelry need not cease there. VDR's sparkling wine can be enjoyed in myriad ways, making it a versatile libation for any setting. Whether relished on its own or used as a cocktail base, VDR sparkling wine beckons endless possibilities. Furthermore, its refined presentation positions VDR sparkling wine as an exquisite gift for loved ones.

To purchase head over to and select your preferred variety. VDR is available at select retailers and restaurants, making it accessible to all wine enthusiasts across the Caribbean, U.S., Italy, France, and Congo.


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