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Whiskey & Blends ( Beaker and Gray)

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Client: Uncle Nearest Florida
Industry: Alcohol & Spirits

Uncle Nearest Premium Whiskey has made significant strides in establishing its brand presence in Florida, and one of the standout initiatives in this effort has been the monthly event, "Whiskey & Blends," held at Beaker & Gray.

The primary objectives of the "Whiskey & Blends" events were:
1. Brand Awareness:Increase visibility and awareness of Uncle Nearest Premium Whiskey in the Florida market.
2. Customer Engagement:Create a unique and memorable experience for customers to build brand loyalty.
3. Sales Promotion:Boost sales of Uncle Nearest products through special promotions and exclusive offerings.
4. Cultural Connection: Celebrate the rich history and legacy of Nearest Green, the first known African American master distiller, through music and social gatherings.

Venue Selection: Beaker & Gray
Beaker & Gray, a renowned bar and restaurant in Miami, was chosen as the venue for the monthly events due to its vibrant atmosphere, excellent customer base, and reputation for high-quality service and innovative cocktails.

Monthly Event Structure: Whiskey & Blends

1. Happy Hour Menu:
- Each month, a new Happy Hour menu was introduced, featuring cocktails crafted with Uncle Nearest Whiskey.
- The menu was designed to highlight the versatility of Uncle Nearest Whiskey, with options ranging from classic cocktails to unique, seasonal creations.

2. Live Music:
- DJ Self Born, a well-known local DJ, provided live "music blends" throughout the evening, creating a lively and engaging atmosphere.

3. Brand Activation:
- Uncle Nearest brand ambassadors were present at each event to educate attendees about the history and craftsmanship of the whiskey.
- Tasting stations were set up, allowing guests to sample different expressions of Uncle Nearest Whiskey.
- Exclusive merchandise, such as branded glasses and apparel, was available for purchase.


Increased Brand Awareness:

- The "Whiskey & Blends" events successfully raised awareness of Uncle Nearest Premium Whiskey among a diverse and influential audience in Florida.

- Social media coverage and word-of-mouth from event attendees significantly expanded the brand's reach.

Enhanced Customer Engagement:

- The combination of innovative cocktails, live music, and educational opportunities created a memorable experience for guests.

- Positive feedback from attendees highlighted the unique and enjoyable nature of the events, leading to increased brand loyalty.

Boosted Sales:

- Each event saw a noticeable uptick in sales of Uncle Nearest Whiskey at Beaker & Gray, both during and after the events.

- The special Happy Hour menu and tasting opportunities drove direct sales and encouraged repeat purchases.

Cultural Connection:
- The events effectively celebrated and honored the legacy of Nearest Green, fostering a deeper connection between the brand and its customers.


The "Whiskey & Blends" monthly events at Beaker & Gray have been a resounding success for Uncle Nearest Florida. By combining expertly crafted cocktails, live music, and a strong focus on heritage and education, these events have achieved their goals of increasing brand awareness, engaging customers, boosting sales, and celebrating the rich history of Nearest Green. This case study demonstrates the power of experiential marketing in creating lasting brand connections and driving business growth.

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