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That DJ Chris and The Lipstickroyalty Agency Bring The Vibes with Sunday Dinner

April 19, 2020-- That DJ Chris and Lipstickroyalty teamed up to bring live entertainment to living rooms everywhere with “Sunday Dinner,” a feel-good virtual party on Facebook and Instagram live.

With the support of Uncle Nearest whiskey and local businesses, Sunday Dinner consisted of a two-hour block of good music, interactive conversation with viewers, and exciting raffles to ease the financial burden on families and individuals during the COVID-19 crisis. From 7-9 PM, “attendees'' felt like they were in their favorite happy hour spot as they listened to endless classics spun by Miami’s very own; the feeling of nostalgia necessary at a time where most are feeling restless under mandatory stay at home orders due to the Coronavirus pandemic.

In addition to amazing music, lucky winners of the raffles received awesome prizes such as Walmart and Publix gift cards, a free website courtesy of Lipstickroyalty, and more. DJ Chris also provided artists with a platform for their music to be heard by thousands of online viewers by accepting song submissions. Miami natives Fly Stoner Motive and Darkside Baybay used the opportunity to debut exclusive songs from their most recent and unreleased projects.

The goal of “Sunday Dinner” was to provide a free, uplifting, and memorable virtual experience for all.

Thanks to DJ Chris and Lipstickroyalty, viewers were able to enjoy all that it had to offer.

Al’Laiya Proff


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