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Miami Doula Yoni with Yani Open for Business

August 30, 2020, MIAMI, Fla. – Yoni with Yani, a Miami-based holistic doula service, opened its doors for business today and is currently accepting clients in Miami-Dade and Broward counties.

Yanique Mais offers birth and postpartum services for expectant and new mothers. After seeing the racial disparity in emergency rooms in Miami-Dade County and her limited resources as a registered nurse to help the affected Black and Latina women, Mais knew she had to go a different route if she was actually going to make a difference.

“I wanted to go into the doula world and my doula practice with having my own voice and being able to create something the way I wanted to create it,” said Mais.

Mais’ main goal is to advocate in the birthing room and operating room for as many Black and Latina women as she can. As a registered nurse and doula, Mais has experience on both sides of the spectrum. As a registered nurse, she knows all the options an expectant mother has and how far the labor and delivery staff are able to go for these women. As a doula, she can assist women in slowing down during a critical moment and taking the time to make educated decisions during what could be life or death situations.

Doulas can also help mothers with nonmedical services such as aromatherapy and music therapy. In addition, Mais offers help with errands and light housekeeping - anything to help the new mother focus on her newborn.

“I'm there to help mom transition into being a mother,” said Mais. “I’m also open to whatever mom suggests as well, so we can personalize it. That’s another perk of Yoni with Yani.”

Having a doula as part of your birth team can make all the difference in the health outcomes of both mother and baby. With the evident racial disparities, Mais wants to drastically reduce the number of maternal and baby deaths in Black and Latino communities in Miami. She started Yoni with Yani in order to be a resource for expectant mothers who need additional support, and ultimately, help them have a safe and healthy pregnancy, delivery and postpartum experience.

“I really hope to just have mom understand that her body was made to do this and there is nothing to fear,” said Mais.

You can follow Mais on her journey to help women and book her services on her Instagram or Twitter @yoniwithyani.

By.Sally Espinosa


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