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Miami Artist Releases New Album

Miami, Fl- After much anticipation, Fly Stoner Motive releases “You Wasn’t There” the album a day earlier than expected!

The “You Wasn’t There” exclusive album release at Ipic Theaters was a remarkable event that set the tone for it’s release. Attendees received an inside look and listen into the project which left those who had not attended waiting patiently for the album’s release.

“You Wasn’t There” depicts Fly Stoner Motive’s daily life’s “wins and losses.” Featuring Miami local artists like Philo B. and Young Breed, he wanted to shed light on other artists he relates to and supports.

Known for his iconic fashion style and lyricism, Fly Stoner Motive is making a name for himself in the music industry. Heavily influenced by his hometown of Miami, Fl, Motive has shown a passion for music since he was a child. He is the co-founder of Fly Stoner Lifestyle Apparel, an avid Game of Thrones supporter, with a one of a kind sense of fashion. Through his music and entrepreneurship, Motive hopes to inspire his supporters to stay motivated and chase after their dreams.

Download and stream :


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