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Fly Stoner Motive Releases “Rookie of the Year” Album

Independent artist Fly Stoner Motive dropped a new album Monday, June 8th entitled “Rookie of the Year,” a testament to his music career’s humble beginnings. Taking a different approach than his other projects, Motive omitted all features from the 9-track album, making it a bonafide solo tape. In comparison to his most recent project “Solid Chances,” a collaboration with Miami native Chace, Motive brings an entirely new sound to Rookie of the Year.

While quarantined, Fly Stoner Motive was able to successfully participate in a number of virtual shows and appearances to promote his new album. He debuted an exclusive song during his set of Pureform Management Group’s first Quarantine & Trap Virtual Concert. He also curated an entire solo concert entitled “Motive Island,” where he performed a number of hits from a private yacht. Fly Stoner Motive looks forward to providing more unique experiences to his listeners, as well as more music.

More information and music news about Fly Stoner Motive can be found on his official website

“I’m excited about this album because it's different. Not so much in content, but in delivery. I think my music is really evolving and growing as I grow.”

Fly Stoner Motive

By. Al’Laiya Proff


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