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The Lipstickroyalty Agency’s response to Covid-19 


With the current state of the world, The Lipstickroyalty Agency is dedicated to helping business owners and entrepreneurs remain positive. The agency launched a virtual webinar series, a live virtual music experience, and is actively working with clients on their own initiatives. 


  • Virtual Webinar Series 

    • Branding Basics (3 parts)- Free 

    • Target Practice (2 parts) - Free

    • The Art of Storytelling (2 parts) - $10 

  • Sunday Dinner Live 

    • Partners: That Dj Chris, Uncle Nearest Whiskey 

    • The mission of "Sunday Dinner" is to uplift and empower others during the Coronavirus pandemic through a one of a kind virtual music experience.

    • Attendees will have the opportunity to enjoy good music, engage in great conversation and win awesome giveaways including groceries. 

    • Sunday Dinner will take place on both Instagram and Facebook Live. 

All in-person client activations and consultations have been postponed until further notice. The office will remain closed until further notice. 

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