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Slip N Slide Label

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Client: Slip N Slide Records
Industry: Music and Entertainment

Services Provided:
Artist Campaign Management
Social Media Marketing
Event Deck Creation
New Marketing Tactics and Strategies


Slip N Slide Records, a pioneering music label in the hip-hop and R&B genres, has been a significant player in the industry, discovering and promoting numerous successful artists. To maintain its competitive edge and continue its legacy, Slip N Slide Records partnered with us to enhance its marketing strategies and support the growth of its artists, specifically Teenear, Mike Smiff, and F$O Dinero.


Develop and execute targeted marketing campaigns for artists Teenear, Mike Smiff, and F$O Dinero.
Enhance social media presence and engagement for Slip N Slide Records and its artists.

Artist Campaign Management

Our collaboration with Slip N Slide Records began with creating comprehensive marketing campaigns tailored to each artist's unique brand and target audience.

The comprehensive marketing strategies and innovative approaches led to significant achievements for Slip N Slide Records and its artists:

Social Media Growth
Streaming Success
Event Engagement
Brand Awareness


Our partnership with Slip N Slide Records was transformative, resulting in heightened visibility, engagement, and success for the label and its artists.

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