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Motive Aims to Empower Tallahassee Youth at First Annual Kids Fest Tally

Photo by LipstickroyaltyImages

Artist, entrepreneur, and co-founder of ArtKlüb, Motive is set to travel to Tallahassee, FL on August 11th for the first annual Kids Fest Tally as a guest speaker. The event powered by The Lipstickroyalty Agency and Marine Corps veteran, Ayla Madison, is a back-to-school community initiative geared towards serving kids and teens in Leon County, free of charge.

Ayla, a Tallahassee native, was inspired by the poverty rate, school-related bullying issues, and violence that Leon County and surrounding areas boasted, and wanted to do something to boost community morale and offer support to those affected. Kids Fest Tally is her first step towards making a significant change in the lives of those who attend. Motive, who also has a passion for giving back to the community is taking advantage of his platform to create change by appearing as a guest speaker.

“My community has supported me with my music and other ventures that I wanted to tap into, and I felt it was important to return the favor. It wasn’t that long ago that I was a teenager, so I understand the need for events like this that provide resources to help kids be prepared for success,” said Motive. He also plans to sponsor a youth league football team once the season starts, to remove the financial burden that many parents in impoverished Miami communities often face.

It is Motive’s goal to connect with the attendees of Kids Fest Tally and share his story of perseverance and overcoming adversity. “We all come from humble beginnings, but we are all destined to be great at something,” Motive stated. On August 11th at the Jake Gaither Gymnasium in Tallahassee, he will have the opportunity to use his experience to both inspire and empower the youth of Leon County.

By. Al’ Laiya Proff

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