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Keep Pushing Forward With Shawn Nelson | Unscripted With Akeem Haynes

CEO of Lipstickroyalty Agency Inc. Shawn Nelson sits down with Akeem Haynes for an intimate and raw conversation. Akeem Haynes is a motivational speaker, 2x Olympian, Olympic Medalist, 2x Author, Co-Host on @pointblankpod, Sports Commentator, and the Host of Unscripted. Unscripted is a weekly show where Haynes dive into insightful conversations with professionals from all walks of life. Unscripted touches on the guests' back story, their mindset, and how they navigate through adversity and opposition while providing practical, relatable tips that might be able to help you on your path.

In this Episode (108) Shawn shares more on:

• Her cultural dynamics growing up + Earliest lessons

•How she dealt with anxiety attacks from an early age

•Why she knew she was different & how she got to embraced it

•The importance of mentorship

•The start of LipStick Royalty and the challenges they faced early with their company

•Why lipstick royalty is different from any other PR Agency + the tremendous growth of the company + what they are trying to create culturally

•How the loss of her brother inspired her to make sure his spirit isn't forgotten

•Tips on how to get through hard times + why its important to keep moving forward

This is an episode you dont want to miss, you never know what you might need to hear until you hear it.


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