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Graphic Design Intern 

This graphic design internship is for anyone interested in improving their design skills. The internship will provide hands-on experience working with a team of experienced professionals to create high-quality designs for clients. Throughout the program, interns will learn valuable techniques and strategies related to graphic design from mentors and peers. Additionally, this internship provides an opportunity to network with industry professionals and gain real-world experience in a professional setting. This is an excellent opportunity for those who want to take their design skills to the next level!


The internship will require interns to complete a range of projects and tasks that build upon their existing design knowledge. Assignments may include designing logos, webpages, advertisements, brochures, and other graphic content. Interns will be encouraged to think creatively and apply their skills to projects that challenge their abilities. Interns will also have the opportunity to collaborate with other interns, as well as industry professionals, to build creative solutions for clients. 


At the conclusion of the internship program with The Lipstickroyalty Agency, interns can expect to leave with a portfolio of completed projects that demonstrate their design skills and project management knowledge. Furthermore, they will gain valuable insights and experience in the world of public relations, advertising, marketing, and design. This will be an invaluable asset to their career goals! 


So if you’re interested in taking your creative skills to the next level, apply for The Lipstickroyalty Agency internship program today! We are looking for talented and passionate individuals who will be the future of our industry. With a world-class team, you’ll get to work on projects that are diverse in content and develop an understanding of how each component of the agency works together. You’ll also be able to build a professional portfolio of completed projects that demonstrate your design skills and project management knowledge. Plus, you’ll gain valuable insights and experience in the world of public relations, advertising, marketing and design. 


In our internship program, we will provide interns with hands-on training and mentorship from our experienced professionals.

Qualifications include :

- A passion for creativity and design

- An eye for detail and the ability to critically evaluate projects 

- Excellent written and verbal communication skills 

- Strong research abilities 

- Ability to take initiative and solve problems independently 

- An open mind and willingness to learn 

-  Experience with Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign, Canva, or a willingness to learn.

More Details: 

  • Interns and students are not “employees” under the FLSA, this program is non-paid.  

  • This program will require students to use a laptop or computer to complete the work. 

  • The work will be remote, students located in South, Fl will have access to in-person work and opportunities. 

If you are interested in joining our team, please apply below.

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