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Client: Vie de Reve Sparkling Wine


Industry: Wine & Spirits

Services Provided: Public Relations, Branding, Marketing

Challenge: Vie de Reve Sparkling Wine sought to elevate its brand presence in a competitive industry, leveraging its unique blend of Italian craftsmanship and Haitian-American heritage.


Solution: As the agency of record, we implemented comprehensive PR, branding, and marketing strategies aimed at highlighting the brand's exceptional quality and rich cultural background. Our team employed strategic campaigns and creative initiatives to distinguish Vie de Reve in the wine market.


Results: Through our efforts, Vie de Reve Sparkling Wine has seen a notable increase in brand recognition and is on its way to becoming a household name in fine wines. Our partnership focused on creating a strong, authentic brand identity, resulting in enhanced consumer resonance and market impact.


Conclusion: Our dedication to promoting diverse voices and extensive experience in the spirits industry enabled us to support Vie de Reve Sparkling Wine in reaching new heights. Our partnership has concluded , but our impact on the brand's success will continue to be felt in the industry as it continues to grow and thrive. We are proud to have been a part of Vie de Reve's journey and wish them continued success in the future.


Grammy's 50 years of Hip Hop celebration was one of a kind. To celebrate the occasion VIP guests were treated to special gifting bags and inside was Vie De Reve Sparkling Wine. This was our first major placement with the brand.

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